Doctor Pooch is a voice assistant currently available on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby that can be asked if its safe to feed certain foods or drinks to dogs.

Can dogs have ___?

Alexa, ask Doctor Pooch if dogs can eat strawberries?

Doctor Pooch also assists Cat owners with the following use case on Alexa and Google:

Can cats have ___?

Alexa, ask Doctor Pooch if cats can have chocolate?

Other Use Cases

Does your dog or cat have anxiety problems? Doctor Pooch can play soothing music to help calm your pet.

Calm my pet

Just got a puppy? Doctor Pooch can also help pick a name for your dog.

Pick a name for my dog

Want to sing along? Try the following :

Who let the dogs out?

Want to hear cute kitten sounds? Try the following:


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